Case Study

A Facebook Ad Strategy Makeover

For a client in the home decor industry


How We Helped a New York Designer Reach Their Goals

As this decor artist undoubtedly understood, little details make big differences. She mastered the art of detailed carpet design, and we made sure the world knew by changing some minor details ourselves! 

This case study will be kept anonymous at the request of the client.


Before & After

Here is a comparison of results from August of 2021 and January 2022, which shows before and after our advertising services. 


Digital Marketing Case Study Results

Client Ad account in August 2021 (before)

Client Ad account in January 2021 (after)

Facebook ads Manager Case study results : before hiring us

Purchase Percentage Increase in %




Purchase conversion value increase in %


Client Background


For this business, being profitable with Facebook ads was becoming more and more difficult.

Despite an employee’s marketing background, IOS14 changes affected the business results tremendously and they were at halt with Facebook marketing.

As time went on, the situation did not improve but they knew that Facebook ads were an important source of traffic and a significant sales channel.


First Step: Account Audit

Here are some honest mistakes we noticed in their ads manager in August of 2021: 

– Running outdated creatives expecting the same results

– Running ads that didn’t fit the campaign objective (ex.: re-targeting ads for a cold     audience)

– Combining cold audiences with past purchases in the same ad set

– Optimizing for the wrong events for their goals (add to carts and awareness rather     than conversions)

– Boosting posts instead of using ads manager

– Combining warm and cold audiences in the same ad set

– Combining multiple interest-based audiences in the same ad set

How we Increased Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 119%

After the account audit, we knew what we had to do:

    • Ad Creation. We made some changes in style, message and language.
    • Ad account structure. We simplified and organized adsets and audiences.
    • Funnel Optimization. We created a seamless funnel and designed a complimentary strategy.

Step 1

Ad creation

1. A change in style

First, we adjusted their creatives for some new ones that were on trend but also on brand. 

2. We Sold the Vision, Not the Product

The message changed when we focused on selling the vision, instead of the product. We worked with the client to determine how a customer’s life might have benefited from the product.

3. Speak their language

We provided more information about the product within the ads.

When business owners know their product well, it can sometimes be hard to put themselves in the shoes of someone who’s never heard of it before.

We included things like:

    • Deal-maker features that make the product shine and give them a reason to buy
    • Spoke their language with everyday words and real-life scenarios
    • Benefit-based call-outs that every person understands and resonates with

Step 2

Account Structure

1 . Simplified Ad Account Structure

We simplified the entire ad account structure into prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

account structure for facebook ads

2. Audience Organization

Audiences were organized and divided by interest, stage in the funnel, and cold/warm. We also excluded necessary audiences.

This allows for better tracking, attribution, and organization.

audience organization for facebook ads

Step 3

Funnel Renovation

1. They wanted conversions, and they got’em!

Instead of optimizing add to carts and awareness, we invested ad spend in campaigns with conversion objectives.


2. Ads instead of Boosted posts

Instead of boosting posts, we invested in ads. This gave us more control over measurements, ad creatives and budget.


3. Creating a funnel

We geared the ads towards conversions by running the right ones in the right stages of the funnel. By using the right ads, we attracted prospects in one campaign, gained trust in another, re-targeted and upped purchases in the final ones. 


A job well done!


To summarize, we…

Reworked their ads

Reorganized their ad account

Shifted their marketing strategy

… and it worked! Check out the results!

Digital Marketing Case Study Results

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