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We might be strangers, but let’s get to know each other! 

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Meet The Founders

Vertex Marketing Agency has 2 founders. Cedric is more of the “techy” guy and does a lot of back-end stuff, analytics, and set up. Sydney is more of the “visual” and front-end stuff like content creation, touch-ups, etc. She’s got the visual creativity needed for a lot of front-end marketing! Together, we’re a dynamic team that covers all areas of marketing.

Cedric Potvin

Cedric Potvin


⚝ Technically inclined
⚝ Kind of a computer nerd
⚝ Nearly a perfectionist
⚝ Will watch a Facebook Ads course over a movie any day

Sydney Switzer

Sydney Switzer


⚝ Visually inclined
⚝ Loves coffee, but has enough energy for 3 people
⚝ Super outgoing and loves meeting new people
⚝ Loves learning and trying new things

Watch Our Latest Youtube Videos

This YouTube channel is about All Things Facebook Ads! Every week, catch either Cedric or Sydney educating you on best creatives, tracking data, landing pages, and more!

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About Vertex

Vertex Marketing Agency is a business from Ottawa, Canada, however we work with client of various industries from all over the world. 

Our specialty lies in starting, growing, and scaling Facebook advertising. We make sure that whatever strategy we prescribe aligns with the needs and wants of the client! Additionally, we help educate the client about best practices we’re using, and keep constant communication.

How We Work

Before prescribing any quote, we take a look at your entire business to make sure that we are making the best use of our time and are getting what you need. Then we make sure to present all of our suggestions with a simple explanation, and make sure we are completely transparent with the client.

We’re not a big-box agency who assigns you an account manager from overseas. The founders, Cedric and Sydney are the specialists. This means you will be working directly with us on on all our projects! 

cedric and sydney

Why We’re Different

“If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time”. This is a value rooted strongly in our processes and systems. We stand by this for all of our clients, because you deserve quality in return for your investment.

We don’t cut corners, and we are 100% transparent with you about our services and initiatives.


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