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Improving an online presence

Foster’s Sports Center


How We Helped a Local Business in Ottawa Increase Sales With Our Digital Marketing Services

Improving one’s online presence is not simply looking at one social media channel. It’s about taking a look at the bigger picture and making improvements to the website, social media, google my business and optimizing for search engine ranking and tracking the proper data. This case study shows how Vertex Marketing Agency improved a local bike shop’s online presence with digital marketing.

Foster's Sports Centre's website
Background Of The Client

Foster’s Sports Center is a bike shop located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. They asked for our help to improve their online presence.

Website Redesign

Fixing Bugs, Improving Speed, and Adding Modern Features

1. Website Audit

We first did a full website audit for the client because a website is essentially a businesses’ online home.

After doing the audit we saw the website had some technical issues and needed to be updated visually to be more appealing to the user.

2. Mobile Friendly

Optimized the website for mobile devices. The previous website was not mobile optimized and did not allow the user to scroll down to see the products while they were on a mobile device.

The owner had many complaints from customers over and over again because they simply could not see anything else on the page other than the header.

3. Interactive Objects

Our goal was to make his website more fun to navigate. We achieved this by making some of the objects on his website interactive.

Have a look!

4. Better product viewing

Bikes on the internet

We changed the product viewing layout to create a much smoother and effortless experience for the user. The “quick view” toggle allows for an easy, accessible view of the product without waiting on page loading time.

5. Chatbot Installation

By optimizing the website, we saw an increase of customers on the website and noticed he was getting many emails and messages on social media that he simply didn’t have the time to respond right away. But a user wants an answer right away. 

We installed a chatbot with AI on the website that integrated with the Facebook messenger app so that no one would have to wait for an email reply.

chat bot

→ Uses Facebook Login

→ Chat pops-up when someone visits the website

chat bot for case study

→ We used AI to set automatic responses for frequently asked questions. Like what time are you open so that visitor doesn’t have to wait to get an answer

→ If the visitor has more questions, we encourage them to give the store a call.

Chat bot results between June 1st – 30th:

140 people messaged Foster’s Sports using the automated chatbot.

These contacts can be used for retargeting campaigns in the future

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking Higher on Google, Increasing Organic Search

1. Strategy to get more 5-star reviews on Google my Business

Local Google My Business reviews play an important role in making a business look like a trustworthy source of information, both in the eyes of Google and your consumers. 

We created a poster for Foster’s Sports to hang in their store to encourage happy customers to leave a review.

Leave Google my Business reviews

2. On-page SEO

Granted a local bike shop will have more traffic in the summer months. So we compared SEO results from 2019 (didn’t work with the client) to May-June 2020 (made SEO changes to the website)

Here are the results from May-June in 2019 compared to 2020

Search Console Results

total Clicks


total Impressions


Click Through rate


Google Ads

Increasing Traffic and Conversions With PPC Advertising

Foster’s Sports like many other small local businesses here in Ottawa had never ran any Google Ads.

Goal: is for users to contact them by email, or phone (that’s what we consider a conversion).
Budget: 10$/day

Strategy: Considering there was no past data and the daily budget is set relatively low for Google Ads, our goal was to obtain the most results for the lowest cost.


1. Set up tracking codes and pixels on the website to identify when goals are met

2. ROI analysis with the client to understand what kind of results to expect

3. Set-up in house tools to automatically increase, decrease or stop the campaign if it goes over the budget

4. Keyword research on the industry, location and ideal customers

Here are the results from June 8th to July 8th, 2020.

Google Ads Results

total Clicks


avg. Cost Per Click




Rami Aroosi

Rami Aroosi, Owner at Foster’s Sports Center


Thanks so much! I cannot tell you how happy I am with the website and how it’s performing, my employees tell me they love it and my customers even mentioned it. Thank you so much…. You don’t even know how thankful I am!”

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