Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no doubt you have questions about social media marketing or wondering what it’s like to work with an agency.

Send us your question or take a look at our FAQs!

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media marketing is a means of promoting the business’s products or services through the use of social platforms.

This includes organic content, Facebook Ads, and Affiliate Marketing.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

It really depends on your industry, your goals, and the service but be ready to spend a minimum of $600-$800 a month to have Vertex Marketing Agency do your digital marketing (not including ad spend).

How Long Does it Usually Take to See Results?

This will vary if we are taking an organic approach or a paid one (with ads).

It takes about 3 months to start seeing results with an organic approach but with sponsored ads, you can sometimes see results within 1 week.

When should I hire a marketing agency?

The perfect time to hire an agency is when your business is stable or has found “product-market fit” and you want to grow your current customer base. Without product-market-fit, you could be spending money on an audience that isn’t right for your product/service.

What are all the services you offer?

At Vertex Marketing Agency we offer Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, and Web Design.

What industries have you worked with?

We’ve worked with B2C and B2B companies in the food, financial, real estate, retail, and software industry. But we’re always growing, and looking to expand our industries!

Where is your agency located?

Our business is international but we’re all located in Ottawa, Canada (eh) 🍁

What makes Vertex different?

We’re a small agency on purpose because we value the relationships we have with our clients. You’ll work directly with the founders Cedric & Sydney. They’ll always be your point of contact and the ones doing the work.

How do you structure your pricing?

Our pricing is 100% customized for your situation, and we won’t prescribe something if we don’t think you need it. So, before we give you a price, we’ll sit down and get 360° view of your business so we can actually tell you what you need.

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