We’ve got some pretty big news! We’re proud to announce that our new marketing forum coffeeandmarketing.org is finally live! 

I know what you’re thinking. “Coffee… AND marketing!?!”

Yep! Coffee, and marketing! “Those are like… my two favourite things!” 

Us too! That’s why we’ve created a marketing forum where users can get advice, answers and entertainment.

Coffee & Marketing Forum
If you’ve been a long-time Vertex follower, you’ve surely heard of our All things Facebook Ads Facebook group. Anyone can join to ask the Facebook advertising questions that the internet just can’t answer. 

Over the past year, the group has amassed a following of over 480 people, but it’s time for an upgrade. Since the success of this group, we’ve been working on a better platform for marketers to post, discuss, ask, answer and help each other out online! 

What Can You Do on Coffee & Marketing?

Start discussions 

    • Share unpopular opinions 
    • Ask your biggest questions 
    • Share your marketing discoveries, life hacks, strategies 
    • Put in a request for someone to make a YouTube video on a topic 
Network with marketers of all areas of expertise 

    • Follow other users 
    • Contact via Direct Message 
    • Request to connect via Linkedin 

This is a great way to look for jobs, or qualified employees to fill those jobs!

Create a profile and share things on your profile such as:

    • Profile picture
    • Your area of expertise
    • Company name
    • Articles, publications, projects, videos
    • Certifications

What Kind of Questions Can You Ask on Coffee & Marketing?

The answer here is pretty simple; ask any marketing related question you want, as long as it pertains to marketing! You can ask about technical issues, strategic advice, how-to guides, opinions and more!

Sounds Awesome! What’s the Catch?

No catch! No subscription, no flat-rate, no premium version, no nothin!

Coffee & Marketing is free for anyone to browse. You can even create a profile to post, ask, answer and interact with the platform.

We wanted to create a marketing forum, a community where marketers could get their heads together to brainstorm, network and help each other out. 

The platform is free to use and browse. YES! To interact with the platform (ex.: joining a table, interacting with a post, etc.), all you have to do is create a profile!

How is Coffee & Marketing Different From Other Platforms?

Coffee and marketing is made for marketers by marketers. 

Unlike our private Facebook group All Things Facebook Ads (which is soon being shut down), Coffee & Marketing is public, similar to Reddit or Quora.

Your question and its answer will be visible when typed into search engines, which means that anyone with the same question will find their answer! 

Help us grow our online community by signing up for free today!

About The Author:
Kiera Morneault

Kiera Morneault

Growth Specialist

Kiera Morneault is a marketing psychology fanatic who loves to create content at Vertex Marketing Agency. She likes writing funny stuff but she can never tell if the jokes lands (and nobody reads the “About the Author” section anyway). On top of that, she has trouble keeping her word count down, so that’s it for this section. Sorry beloved fans!


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