The Biggest Problem with SEO, and How You Can Fix It

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of online and digital marketing. Without proper SEO, a business cannot make dents in the online market place. You are also encouraged to use SEO for your business since it can provide a lot of advantages. 

It will take time for your business to master SEO use. SEO mastery is made difficult by frequent updates, changes and developments. This can make it challenging to streamline your SEO processes with ever-changing rules. This conflict can lead to SEO problems. Image optimization is one of these SEO problems. 

If you’re not optimizing your images the right way, chances are that you won’t be able to reap the full benefit of SEO. Read on to learn why image optimization is such a big deal when it comes to SEO. 

Importance of Image Optimization 

Image optimization is of paramount importance for successful SEO. 

How well your images are optimized is directly related to loading speeds. Viewers want pages to load quickly, otherwise, they will leave and your page will not get a click. The right images enhance the user experience, strengthen content, and supplement SEO strategies. A good image can visually tie your content together. 

Poor optimization can quickly lead to fewer page views. Low page views will lead to a reduction in sales, lead generation, and other end goals. 

How to Fix Image Optimization Issues

Luckily, the steps required to fix image optimization issues are not complex. The problem is not a big one because it is complex, rather, it is considered a big problem because of how common it is.

 Here’s what you need to focus on to ensure that no image issues persist: 

  • Image Scaling 

Image scaling is all about image size and how it best appears on your site. If you have ever visited a webpage, you will realize why this is important. 

Large images that are not contained and spilling all over the page do not give a good impression. They show laziness and poor quality. Your webpage will come off as amateurish. You should, therefore, ensure your image is sized properly and fits in with the aesthetic of the page.

  • Image Selection

Never choose an image just to fill up space. An irrelevant image which has no connection with the content will turn off viewers. 

Choose images that are a representation of the content itself. This reinforces the content for the viewers and allows them to form memorable links. The right image can also complement other SEO functions.

  • Nail Those Meta Details

You should ensure the meta details or alt attributes have no errors. They are the main mechanisms through which search engines read your images. The better the SEO in the meta details, the better your rankings will be.

  • XML Sitemap

Adding images to XML sitemaps adds maximum value to your SEO efforts. This is because sitemaps tell search engines about indexed images. You don’t even need to do this step yourself; plug-ins exist to handle it for you.


As you can see, fixing the biggest SEO problem doesn’t need some miracle cure. All it requires is strengthening the fundamentals of SEO quality control. With attentive and diligent employees, you likely won’t face this problem a lot. 

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