Tracking & Optimization

Why the Facebook Pixel Isn’t Good Enough

Tag Management System To Track Specific Events

Name it and we track it! A lot of Facebook advertisers pause their ads because they don’t see an ROI..

But what they don’t take into account is that people change devices, location, clear their cookies, and click on your ads through messenger referrals.

You can miss out on a lot of conversions if you don’t have your analytics set up properly.


Google Tag Manager

You need to show and train your different systems on how to track specific events like conversions and sales.

Simply installing the code on your website will leave you with inaccurate data and increase your cost per result.

Get Advertising Results At a Better Price

Facebook AI

Facebook has an amazing AI system and if you’re able to feed it accurate and precise data you’ll be much more profitable with your Facebook ads.

✓ We retarget the people that matter
✓ We build accurate lookalike audiences
✓ Personalize the creative based on where they are in the funnel

And much more!

Associating Results To The Right Marketing Initiative

UTM Parameters

How many times have you asked yourself which marketing initiative is generating what?

We track:

– What results your marketing campaigns are generating
– Which campaign is generating the most referrals
– All the conversions & sales that Facebook misses

UTM Parameters

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