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How to fix a disabled Facebook Ad Account after being notified of it
No, this is not a drill. If the alert in the image above popped up, it means that Your Facebook Ad Account has been disabled. As a marketer or business owner, I’m sure this is your worst nightmare, besides showing up to work in your underwear. 

That’s why we’re here to help! This article will run you through all of the steps you need to take to recover your account. You can follow each step in order or simply skip the ones you’ve already done using the directory below:

Diagnose The Problem

What Does It Mean If My Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled?

    • Your ads will be frozen and your campaign will be put on hold until you either retrieve it or terminate it. 
    • No sales will be driven from any of your ads.
    • Your account will remain inactive. 
    • Everyone who should have access to your business manager will be locked out of the ad account. 
    • You will see this picture:
How to fix a disabled Facebook Ad Account after being notified of it

Why Was My Facebook Ad Account Disabled?

Don’t panic! We’ll figure this out together! You’ll need to find out what you might have done wrong, so you don’t repeat it in the future (if it was your fault).

If a Facebook ad account has been disabled, it’s usually because of a repeated offense. 

Your ad account can get banned because of your ads, or “suspicious” activity on your account. You can read the entire list of advertising policies here.

1. Overspending: Facebook wants to avoid spamming users, so you can’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on your ads all at once, especially when you have a new ad account.

We advise you to scale your daily budget up by less than 5%-15% until you’ve reached your advertising goals. 

2. Logging in from different IP addresses: Facebook may associate this with online fraud. If you login to your Ads Manager using a different device, Facebook may consider this “suspicious” if it’s done too often.

We recommend that you only use one device. If you absolutely need to login somewhere else, try using your mobile device. 

3. Not keeping a tight circle: If any user on your ads account gets their personal advertiser’s account banned, you may lose your ads account by association. 

4. Late payments: When you aren’t paying pending bills on time, your account may get flagged as unreliable.

Make sure you always have a credit card on file, or available credit on your account.

5. Unclear landing pages: Any pages that users are directed to through your ads should pertain to the information in the ad.

It should also contain business information like a logo, contact information, resources, company name and a disclaimer. 

6. Using the same payment methods for different ad accounts: Facebook uses payment methods to recognize previous offenders.

If you’ve been banned in the past, avoid using the same payment method for the next ad account. 

7. Not keeping Facebook advertising information confidential: Make sure it stays with and isn’t used for anything like selling contacts to other companies.

8. Ads disapproved according to Facebook’s guidelines: Make sure your ads abide by the following guidelines. 

Facebook Advertising Policies (summary):

Facebook may ban your ads for the following reasons:


  • Personal attributes: Don’t personally address users by using words like “you”. 
  • Facebook Brand: Remember to capitalize the word “Facebook” and to not make Facebook the main subject of the ad. 
  • Restricted keywords and subjects: Using AI screening, Facebook is able to detect, flag down and restrict any ads that contain keywords regarding sensitive subjects. This includes topics like fat-loss, anti-aging, and unsafe substances. 
  • Covid-19 Vaccine: Any ad that discourages the users from taking covid-19 vaccines will be rejected.
  • Before-and-after images: When it comes to anything regarding users’ health, Facebook restricts before-and-after images that “contain unexpected or unlikely results” that “generate negative self perception”. This usually pertains to the fitness and dieting industry. 
  • Quality of content: Facebook might disable your account if your ads have poor quality. This can be because of grammar, poor image quality or EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS. 
  • Targeting: You can’t use targeted ads to “discriminate against, harass, provoke or disparage users or to engage in predatory advertising practices. Your custom audience must comply with the applicable terms.  
  • Lead ads: You cannot request sensitive information such as account numbers, health information and religion.
  • Restricted Content: Be sure to check your regional guidelines on any subjects that are controlled by the state such as alcohol, casinos, tobacco products etc.
9. Ads flagged later on. If your ad has been running for a while and you’re wondering why it suddenly gets disapproved, the following reasons could be why: 

  • Your ad is showing up too often or has been running for too long. It’s possible that Facebook users have flagged your ad because they’ve seen it too many times, or it’s not content they want to see.
  • Negative user feedback. If users find your ad annoying, disturbing or suspicious, they may flag it. 
  • Your account was reviewed by a Facebook ads rep and they found a violation that was previously overlooked. Even if your ads already got approved, make sure you follow the ad policies as closely as Facebook does!
  • Changes in Facebook’s Ad Policies. Pay attention to any updates! 
  • Any updates to Facebook’s software. This can accidentally trigger mistakenly disapproved ads. This problem can also be solved in the following steps. 

How Do I Recover My Disabled Facebook Ads Account?

1. How to Request a Review

  1. In your Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll come across this alert:
To recover your Facebook Ad Account, click on see details in the disabled account notification in your business manager
2. Click on See Details. This will bring you to your Ad Account Policy Page, where you’ll find the status of your ad account.

3. Click on Request Review. It may ask you to verify your identity, so fill in your information. The review can take around 2-3 business days.  

In your Facebook ad account details, click on Request Review
You can also request a review by filling out either one of the forms below: 

  • If you think your account was disabled due to a violation of Facebook’s advertising policies and/or guidelines, let them know by filling out this form. Be honest and give lots of details!
  • If you think your account was disabled by mistake, let Facebook know by filling out this form.

After filling either form out, you can check the Facebook Help Center regularly. Your disabled account may be assigned to a Facebook employee for review at any time. 

2. How to Contact to the Facebook Busniess Help Center

  1. If you’ve waited long enough for a review, find that your ad account is still restricted, and haven’t heard back from Facebook yet, try reaching out to the Facebook Business Help Center
Make sure you’re in the Facebook Business Help Center and not just the Facebook Help Center. The business one offers chat support and pertains to advertisements on the platform.
2. Scroll down to find the Find answers or contact support section. 

3. To start a live chat with a Facebook representative, click on Get Started

In the Facebook Business Help Center, scroll down and click Contact Support
Why can’t I see the Contact Support section?

To contact Facebook Ad Support, you have to be an admin on an active and spending ad account. In other words, your account has been billed with ad spend before. 

If your account is active but you still aren’t able to see this section, it may be another reason. In an effort to find out why certain users can use the live chat while others cannot, people have reached out to Facebook. Below this text box is their response.

You heard it right! They aren’t really sure why you can’t use the live chat. Here are your options:

  • If you can’t find the “Need More Help?” section, find someone who can, and go through the rest of the steps in this guide. 
  • Assuming you’ve completed the first section of this guide, try waiting seven business days. If your ad account is still disabled, skip to follow the third section of this guide: Last Resort Plan.
Facebook isn't sure why some people are able to contact Facebook support while others can's
4. You will be brought to a page where you can see the current cases you have submitted. Here, you will be able to follow up on any issues you’ve had with your account or create a new one. 
In the Facebook Business Help Center, this is where you can track your current cases
5. Pick the business manager that is restricted. 

6. Pick which issue you are experiencing by selecting My ad account was disabled

Select the reason you are contacting help in the Facebook Business Help Center which is: My account was disabled
7. On the next page you are brought to, scroll down and click Start Chat

8. Here, you can chat with a Facebook representative. Remember to be kind and understanding. If the account was banned because of your actions, try apologizing and promising not to repeat your actions. 

Please Note: It is not in the support member’s power to reactivate your account. However, they CAN escalate your issues off to someone who can. They may even be able to add urgency to your ticket. 
9. Every business day, check your ad account to see if it’s still restricted. 

10. Every two business days, you can follow up on the case by checking it in the Facebook Business Help Center. You can even ask for an update in your conversation with the Facebook employee. 

At this point, one of three outcomes are possible.

1. Facebook reviewed your account and gave you the green light! If it was a mistake on your end, take their recommendations seriously and don’t repeat it! Make sure you follow their advertising policies

2. They are taking a very long time to get back to you. This happens often, since reviews have to be done manually. 

3. You received an email from Facebook saying that they refused your account. As you can probably tell from the email, this means you are no longer allowed to use your ad account. 

If you find yourself in situation #2 or #3, it may be time to try the next step…

2. Last Resort Plan: What If Facebook Rejects Appeals And Reviews, or I Never Hear Back From Them?

I hate to say it, but your last choice is to create a new Business Manager and Ad Account.. Here are the dos and don’ts for this process. 

DO make sure YOU are not the reason your ad account is disabled. If you aren’t following Facebook Advertising Policies, it’s very likely that it will happen again. 

DO NOT create an ad account using the same business manager. If the account gets banned, Facebook may note it as a second strike and take down your business manager altogether. This means you will lose all assets that were held in it like: 

  • Instagram Page 
  • Facebook Page 

Facebook employees have even advised us to do the same in that situation. 

DO Move all of your assets into the new Business manager. 

DO NOT use a credit card that Facebook has seen (one that is associated with the banned account). 

DO keep your head up! Take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening again and keep on keepin’ on! You live, you learn. 


You did it! You were able to follow all the steps in this guide: 

1. Diagnose the problem

    • What does It Mean When My Facebook Advertising Account Is Disabled?
    • Why was My Facebook Ad Account Disabled? 

2. How Do I Recover My Disabled Facebook Ads Account? 

    • How To Request a Review
    • How To Contact  Facebook Support
      • Why Can’t I see the Contact Support Section?
    • Last Resort Plan: What Do I Do If Facebook Rejects Appeals and Reviews, or I Never Hear Back From Them?

At this point, you should be out of the woods. If you aren’t I recommend you sign up for our Disabled Facebook Ad Account Program. It’s an in-depth program showing you how to recover a disabled Facebook ad account.

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