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About The Biz Growth Podcast

Biz Growth is a podcast dedicated to helping small, medium, and large businesses stay up to date on the best strategies and tactics to thrive in such a competitive landscape.

Join us while we interview experts from all over the world to discuss topics like Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, B2B Marketing, B2C marketing, and more!

Cedric Potvin

Cedric Potvin


Recent Episodes 

Videos Are The New Normal

Biz Growth Videos Are The New Normal Great conversation with Jonas De Cooman CEO at Spott about how the internet is changing and videos are taking over. What we cover in this episode: ⋆ How is marketing evolving ⋆ How videos could be the new way to shop or consume content online. ⋆ Why the...

B2B Doesn’t Need To Stand For “Boring To Boring”

We talk about one of our favorite topics – personalization and how to do it at scale and still stand out from your competitors.

Why Salespeople Need to Become Better Marketers

The Biz Growth Podcast Why Salespeople Need to Become Better Marketers James Crisp is the senior sales director at Turtl, a platform that enables marketers and salesmen to personalize content at scale that people actually read! Although James is in sales, his point of view stems strongly from that...

Coping With Quarantine In The Corporate World

How does working from home in quarantine affect our productivity and mental health? How can team leaders cope with this change to better lead?

Kick ABM Off Right: 4 Tips

Who should choose your target accounts list, some tips on aligning sales and marketing, and how important it is to make the most of your current customers when implementing ABM.

3 Landing Page Strategies To Reduce Your Sales Cycle (Before They Even Book a Demo)

Learn about 3 essential strategies you need to implement for your landing page to decrease the length of your sales cycle  — before a demo is book a demo!

3 Ways To Turn Your Demo Process Into a Conversion Machine

Just 1 change in your sales process can increase conversions by over 400% and an in-depth explanation of “The Perfect D.E.A.L” demo structure and more!

Book Meetings Easier With AI

AI is reshaping the way we do a lot of things. It even goes as far as how we book meetings.

Sales Personalization

B2B sales don’t have to be boring, but it definitely needs to be personalized. Shawn Finder tells us how you can achieve personalization in B2B sales.

Using Video in Sales & Marketing

Learn how you can use video in sales and marketing to speak your ideal customers language and really touch their emotions to get more sales.

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